Three things...

Thanks again to Kylee for this....

Three things that scare me: Snakes; icy roads; the uncertainty of peace and stability in the world right now

Three people who make me laugh: Olivia, Kevin and my dad

Three things I love: Kevin, Olivia and Emma (baby on the way)

Three things I hate: people who lie; bad drivers; people who are rude for no reason other than to be rude

Three things I don't understand: algebra; the war in Iraq; why I can't find a full-time job, even though I have 2 college degrees

Three things on my desk: a cup of coffee from Beaners; pictures of Kevin and Olivia; catalogs for online holiday shopping

Three things I'm doing right now: drinking my coffee from Beaners; feeling Emma dance on top of my bladder; thinking about all the things I need to get done today

Three things I want to do before I die: travel to Italy, Paris and the South Pacific (not all at once); take an Alaskan cruise; drive cross-country to see the Grand Canyon (hmmm... do we see a travel trend?)

Three things I can do: bake; ice skate; write

Three things I can't do: sew; complicated math problems; see my feet (due to the fact that currently my belly is HUGE!)

Three things you should listen to: your heart; your gut instinct; your children

Three things I'd like to learn: how to knit; how to speak Italian; how to be more patient

Three favorite foods: cereal; cheese; really good bread

Three beverages I drink regularly: skim milk; water; diet coke (caffeine free right now)

Three TV shows I watched as a kid: The Greatest American Hero; Lottery; Knight Rider


  1. I love reading these. Yours was great.

    (Isn't it amazing how cheese truly is the universal unifying factor for American women? Amazing...)

  2. See...the commerical is right: "Behold the power of cheese!" :)