Gator anyone?

From the "things that make me go EEWWW" file.

As reported on a local television web site today - Some Ohio stores are stocking up on alligator meat in anticipation of demand from Ohio State fans planning pregame feasts for Monday's championship between the top-ranked Buckeyes and the No. 2 Florida Gators.

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Yeah, that's right. I said alligator meat.

Now, I understand that this BCS Championship Game is THE GAME for OSU (and Gator) fans across the country. I understand that it means life or death (or something serious like that) for many people here in northwest Ohio - you know who you are....you claim to bleed scarlet and gray.

But really, is anyone going to pay $14.99 a pound for alligator meat so they can have a "tailgator" party?


I've had alligator meat. It's nasty. Looks like chicken, tastes like gator. I really think people should stick to more appetizing items, like say...buckeyes. Chocolate and peanut butter. Much better than gator.


  1. That's gross. I'd much prefer a buckeye. ;-)

  2. Me too! chocolate and peanut butter always wins out over gator meat. :)