A little snow makes people stupid

OK, here's the thing....I understand that it has been unseasonably warm so far this winter (thank you, El Nino)....but we DO live in northwest Ohio and it snows here every year.

That being said, one would THINK that when the ever-elusive white flakes started to fall last night, residents of T-town would remember how to drive in the snow. It's a bit like riding a bike...even if you don't do it all the time, you really shouldn't forget how.

It snows here every year. Snow = icy, slippery roads and potential for black ice. This in turn means that one should slow down and be more careful when driving.

But no. Apparently many, many people last night forgot how to drive in wintery conditions. The 11 o'clock news was full of stories of spin outs, accidents and sections of the expressway that were closed due to stupid drivers.

It just amazes me that every winter residents of T-town basically have to take a remedial class in "how to drive safely in the snow."

They were actually going to give driving tips on the news last night.

C'mon, seriously.

A good rule of thumb: when it snows the roads tend to be icy, so SLOW DOWN!

It's not that difficult people.


  1. You know, it's ALWAYS like that for the first snow.

    I'm so sorry. They are annoying, aren't they?

    (The word verification I just had to type in was "geezr"...kinda cracked me up.)

  2. Yeah, I'm just happy that I am not driving right now....too many dummies on the road.

    Hilarious about the word verification! LOL