What are you staring at?

I had to get out of the house today -- I am suffering from cabin fever, since I am under a self-imposed driving hiatus. [I can't fit behind the wheel anymore...so therefore, no more driving].

Anyway...my mom picked me and Olivia up and we went to the mall for a short time. And, I kid you not, people were actually STARING at me, as if they had never seen a pregnant woman before.

Now, I understand that right now I am huge. Gi-normous, actually. But, I'm 37 weeks pregnant..I'm having a baby in two freakin' weeks, people. I know it looks as if I just consumed a rather large beach ball. But really, must you STARE?

This is how it went down each time: Person looks at my belly, opens eyes wide - as if to express complete shock, and then stares at me with this look of combined shock and disgust. Almost as if they wanted to say out loud: Where's the idiot who let you out in public?

It was as if these folks were (1) surprised that someone in my current state was still able to move, let alone walk thru the mall or (2) were fearing that the baby was going to fall out as a I strolled through the mall.

Trust me, while it is difficult to move I'm still quite capable of walking - thank you very much. And, my doctor has assured me that no matter what it feels like, the baby is not going to just FALL OUT.

And last time I checked, pregnant women were still allowed out in public. As it is, I made it a point (several times) to mention to my mom how annoying these gawkers were. I think I did it rather loudly too. Even if they didn't hear me, at least I felt better about it.

Seriously, quit staring . It's rude.


  1. I feel your pain trac- That's how it was when I was just 7 months pregnant with twins!! Imagine that up until 38 weeks!! It's always amazing to me how rude people can be....