Stupid, stupid, stupid

(Spoiler alert: if you have not yet watched last night's VERY stupid episode, don't read any more...I am going to tell you what happened!).

OK, so I used to LOVE (and I mean loooooooove) "LOST". It was my favorite show. I couldn't miss it. Ever. That was 2 seasons ago.

The first season of LOST was ground-breaking TV. I was hooked from the first episode. Then came season 2 and things got, well, weird. My love affair with the show was not so strong anymore. By the end of season 2 I vowed to stop watching if the writer's didn't get their heads out of their butts.

Season 3 seemed promising. For about one episode. For the past 2 weeks I haven't watched LOST -- I've been too tired, I didn't care what happened and I was bored with it all. I mean really, how many characters does one show need? The writers need to stage a mass casualty tragedy of some kind, just to get rid of some of these people.

However (and here comes the spoilers), I decided to watch last night, because the previews promised that someone was going to die. Admittedly, I was intrigued.

Yeah, well.....THE ENTIRE SHOW LAST NIGHT WAS A FREAKIN' WASTE OF TIME! I should have gone to bed.

Why is that you ask? Because the entire show aws about Nikki and Paulo.

Nikki and Paulo??? I'm sorry....WHO????????????????? Yeah, I said Nikki and Paulo -- you know, the Barbie-and-Brazilian-Ken couple who showed up (for no apparent reason) in the episode where Mr. Eko died.

Well, last night Nikki and Paulo died. But not really. They were merely paralyzed by a spider bite (from the Medusa spider that was "discovered" by that science teacher guy who died in season 1) -- however, everyone thought they were dead so they buried them on the beach. Along with $8 million worth of cut diamonds that N&P had stolen from Nikki's old-man boyfriend.

As I said, STUPID.

Why, oh why, are the writers focusing on two characters that no one cares about? Last night included all these flashbacks to season 1 and 2 scenes that I remember watching and then suddenly --- SURPRISE! -- Nikki and Paulo show up. Case in point - the very first scene of the plane crash -- there's N&P! When Boone took all the water and everyone is fighting - SURPRISE AGAIN! - there's N&P!!!

I am so over this show. I give up. LOST has lost me.


  1. I haven't watched LOST yet from last night. (Need to download it from iTunes right now.)

    I'm sad to see your post headline, though.

    I thought LAST week's was AWESOME, though.

    UGH. I shall watch then comment.

  2. I only saw part of last week's -- I should watch it online to see if it can redeem itself from this week.

    After you watch this week's let me know what you think! :)

  3. You are so right, it was lame.

    Seriously, T. It blew.

    I'll keep watching (I'm sure) in the sad hope that it may redeem itself...