If I was independently wealthy....

....I'd buy a new pair of shoes every week.

Like these beauties.

They are Christian Louboutin Patent Platform Pumps. Only $660 at Neiman Marcus. [Insert very sad sigh here].

I love this designer's shoes. Why? Because of the flame red soles. It's just damn cool.

Yeah, Jimmy Choos are hot and Manolo's rock...

...but I can't afford any of them.

So I'll dream about Christian Louboutin shoes.

I wish I had just one pair of really great shoes. You know, the kind that make you smile when you put them on, just because you know you look HOT. See, shoes are great -- you don't have to be model-thin to wear a great pair of shoes.

My current shoes of choice -- either my old, ratty Nikes or my very comfortable and practical Clark's slip-ons.

Sexy shoes? Not so much.

So, I dream about $600 patent leather pumps.


  1. THOSE are great. Absolutely great.

    I bought another pair of red shoes and have the displayed on a shelf in our condo. Next to the wine and glasses.

    I just thought, "Let's be real. You're not wearing these all the time. You can at least display them so you can see them everyday."

  2. K - I knew you'd understand my shoe obsession!

    Very creative idea - displaying your shoes! Hey, why not??? You might as well look at them when you're not wearing them. ;)