This is why "anonymous" comments are now going to be blocked again...

OK, I was feeling generous for a while, allowing "anonymous" comments on this blog.

Sorry, no more.

This is a comment that was left today on the previous post for me to moderate: "Maybe if you were to finally pass the damn bar exam you'll get hired.. what the hell, you say you're smart but you still fail that damn bar exam...tsk tsk on you, keep the apron on."

Hey pal: Fuck you.

I doubt that you have any idea how difficult it is to pass the bar. Or how hard I've tried. Or how much blood, sweat and tears has gone into it. So until you understand what I've put into it, you really should keep your opinions to yourself. Keep the apron on? Nice slam on motherhood by the way.

And oh, by the way...I know you're posting from somewhere near Pensacola, FL and that you're a coward who hides behind the "anonymous" moniker.

And if you want to leave any more asshat comments on my blog, you'll have to leave your name too.



  1. Tee hee. Asshat. One of the best words in English.

    Ok. Here's my take on this whole job thing. Screw the bar exam, first of all. BFD. Seriously.

    Now let's talk about YOU. It is time to start the Let's Hire Traci in 2007 campaign, and here's how it's going to go.

    You figure out what you can do, what things you like, what you are excited about. Then, just start telling people. Tell everyone you know you are looking for a job. Get your friends and family to talk about you to people they know and start telling people.

    I got the job I have right now because I told people I wanted to work for them. Or, I possibly begged them. I went the resume/cover letter/answering want ads route, that did not work. At all. It was like sending out messages in a bottle.

    So, I started my campaign. I had good friends around here who hooked me up with people they knew. I had people in the big town doing it for me too. I met a lot of people that way.

    For what it's worth, I say give that a try. I think it's more effective than the resume route, and I'm living proof that it works.

  2. Well, I have already taken one piece of your advice..I am DONE w/ the bar exam. I made that decision last year. So very done.

    And, you're right...it's all about who you know, not what you know. I'm trying to go that route....

    Thanks Tori...you rock!!! :)

  3. I keep thinking it would be cool to have all kinds of people comment on my blog (not just ONE of my sisters!) Sorry to hear that people leave such ignorant comments. Keep the faith. You'll get your job.

  4. Nora....thank you. It's always refreshing to see nice comments from strangers. :)