Rude. And stupid.

While I was at Target today, getting some "me" time, I had someone ask me what I think was a very rude question.

Here's the scene: I'm standing in the "dollar store" area, looking at really cute socks for my girls when the woman next to me [who was also browsing the socks] says, "These are so cute for babies. When are you... ....are you having a baby?" [Now, I'm assuming her original question was going to be "when are you due?" and she changed it to "are you having a baby?"....either way, it was really stupid].

My response?

"No. I'm not having a baby."

Her: "Oh." [Probably thinking at this point how stupid it was to ask a stranger if she was pregnant]. "Well, I know a lot of young women having babies right now."

Me: "Oh."

What I really wanted to say to her was: "No, I'm not having a baby you ignorant fool."

[Now look, I don't have a totally flat tummy....I have a little baby pouch...but I've had 2 kids, it happens. But I certainly don't look pregnant. At all.].

What kind of idiot would ask a woman who is clearly NOT pregnant if she was having a baby? I don't look pregnant, so why would you ASSUME that I am?

It's incredibly rude, not to mention stupid. I would NEVER ask a stranger if she was pregnant if I wasn't ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that she was. Hell, I probably wouldn't ask then. It's just not something anyone should do.


  1. She is an idiot! Some people have no filter whatsoever. The other day at work, a coworker said to me, "You look like you're getting a beer gut." I have not gained weight or inches. The sad part about this is that a stupid, mindless comment from someone could potentially hurt your feelings. Again, that woman is an idiot!

  2. Target SUCKS for bitches! Something like that happened to me there when I was knocked up with Aron! I was overdue, and HUGE, and some lady says, "I have to ask: are you having twins?" I almost cried. Anita had some similar rude, baby-related experience at Target. It's like Target attracts the most impolite women on Earth.