See that number? That is what my salary would be if I got paid for being a stay-at-home mom.

Yep, I'm worth $173,901. [According to Salary.com, at least].

It's that time of year again -- Mother's Day is next weekend and so once again it's time to focus on what a stay-at-home mom would get paid if there was someone out there willing to pay us for all the work we do.

Salary.com has a "mom's salary calculator" where you can figure out how much you're worth and then print out a "paycheck" to prove it. [Yep. I printed mine out. It's going to hang on my 'fridge for all to see....just as a reminder, in case anyone forgets what I'm worth.]. And in case you dads are feeling left out, never fear --- there is a dad salary calculator too. [For the record, Kevin would be worth an extra $69,000 for all his "dad-related work".

My earnings statement breaks my "salary" down this way:
- For an entire year:
Housekeeper: Hourly rate - $9.84; Hours worked - 624
Day Care Center Teacher: Hourly rate - $12.68; Hours worked - 1040
Cook: Hourly rate - $12.96; Hours worked - 520
Computer operator: Hourly rate - $15.48; Hours worked - 416
Laundry machine operator: Hourly rate - $9.17; Hours worked - 312
Facilities manager: Hourly rate - $38.15; Hours worked - 312
Janitor: Hourly rate - $11.45; Hours worked - 260
Van Driver: Hourly rate - $14.97; Hours worked - 416
Physchologist: Hourly rate - $36.27; Hours worked - 260
Chief Executive Officer: Hourly rate - $ 170.04; Hours worked - 416

- Average hourly rate: $29.86; Hours worked: 2080
- Over time rate: $44.79; Hours worked: 2496

So there you have it.

I'm worth $173,901 as a mom.

Not that I am putting a value on my job as mom. It really is priceless.

[To read more, go here.]

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