Buddy, the demon dog

My mother-in-law has a dog. His name is Buddy. He is part Jack Russell terrier and part hound of somekind (maybe beagle). That mixed breed description should give you an indication of his temperment.

Now, normally I am a dog person. I love dogs. I have two dogs. Dogs are wonderful additions to most families.

However, I do NOT like Buddy. In fact, I call him "Buddy the demon dog" or "satan" or "satan's right hand dog." I find these names to be HILARIOUS. Apparently, some other family members do not see the humor in it.

The dog is bad. Pure and simple. He is a bad dog. He is not housebroken. He has destroyed wallpaper in the MIL's condo in almost every room. He has dug holes in carpet. He barks ALL THE TIME. He nips at Olivia. He is just bad to the bone.

Hence, the nickname Satan. I think it's funny. Kevin thinks it's funny. That's enough for me.

I think Buddy the demon dog needs to find a house with lots of greenspace (a farm, maybe?) where he can terrorize small wild animals and run to his heart's content. A condo with no fenced in yard (where he lives now) -- not a good home for a jack russell mix. Perhaps if he had open space in which to run (in say, Nebraska!), he'd be less satan-ish. But I doubt it. The dog is hopelessly bad. Even the Dog Whisperer couldn't tame the beast within.

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