I am now, officially, a soccer mom

Well, it's official.

I'm a soccer mom. I've got the car to prove it!

We got a minivan last night.

Traded in the Jeep Liberty (I did love that car, but the gas mileage was horrible. And we needed more room).

Leased a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country minivan. It's a pearly-gold color. Has a built-in DVD player. ("Mommy, your new car has a movie machine," Olivia said.) And way more room for two car seats, a Hummer-sized stroller and all the other "necessities" that one has with two small kids.

Photos to come soon.

Think I'll call her "Goldie" (thanks to Kylee for the whole naming of the car thing!).


  1. I hope you enjoy many vacations, soccer games and road trips in Goldie. :-) Congrats!

    (I don't care what anyone says, mini vans are so comfortable.)

  2. Very cool. I miss my mini-van so much... it was comfy and great.

  3. Goldie! New vehicles are fun.