Life with cats...

We have two cats - Daisy and Gatsby (named after two of the lead characters in "The Great Gatsby").

Gatsby is real easy-going, never meows, very mellow. Daisy is high-maintenance, meows all the time, purrs as loud as an out board motor on a small motor boat.

Daisy is also suffering yet again from another health issue. Last summer she had to get almost all of her teeth pulled due to advanced gum disease. Apparently it was genetic - according to the vet.

Now, she's got more health issues -- although the vet isn't sure what exactly is wrong. Could just be a urinary tract infection (aren't you glad I shared THAT with you?), or it could be something with the kidneys. We won't know for certain until the test results come back today. Either way, the "diagnostic" visit on Monday cost $322. I need to get pet insurance.

As it is, Daisy is currently spending her days and nights in our office -- away from the other animals. She is most unhappy about this. Gatsby is spending her days and nights outside the office door, trying to get to her best friend. Poor kitty.

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