A shameful display and a lack of decency

I really am beginning to detest "entertainment news" shows such as "The Insider" and "Entertainment Tonight". They have gone from being - at least in the case of ET - a semi-good program that provided entertainment news, to glitzy, glaring, in-your-face tabloid-like shows that showcase human train wrecks (Britney) and non-Hollywod stories (1,000 lb man asks Dr. Phil for help!).

So imagine my complete lack of surprise last night when ET and The Insider were showing a "preview" of a "newly-discovered" video showing the late Heath Ledger at a "Hollywood drug party" two years ago.

Now really. Is this "news"? Is it necessary?

No on both accounts.

It is sensationalistic, tabloid-worthy CRAP. It is also disrespectful, heartless and disgusting.

Heath Ledger was a talented, beautiful actor who deserves much better than that. His family, friends and little girl deserve better. His memory - a mere week after his tragic and untimely death - is being tarnished by a blood-thirsty, celebrity hunting media. His legacy should be his body of work, not some grainy video shot without his knowledge or consent. It is just SICK.

Thankfully, some members of the Hollywood elite actually have a brain, and USE it. A rep from Ledger's own PR firm sent a letter to other high-powered PR firms in Tinsletown asking them to essentially pressure ET and The Insider and get them to not air the video. Full story here.

And, it worked. Both shows vowed to not air the video.

It's just sad that these shows (1) didn't consider what this video would do to Ledger's family and friends, (2) didn't care enough to give it any thought until pressured to do so, and (3) will do something like this again VERY soon.

Let this man rest in peace. Let his family grieve.

Let us remember him as he was: talented, graceful, beautiful, and gone too soon.

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