I guess it wasn't just me....

...who thought the Oscars were a dud.

See this article.

Apparently, the ratings are 14% lower than the least-watched Oscars. Hmmmm....maybe, finally the producers will get a CLUE that a 4-hour show full of silly crap is not worth it and bores people to tears.

My "dream" Oscar show would be this: a 2-hour red carpet pre-show with hosts who don't ask stupid questions (like last night when Ryan Seacrest asked Jessica Alba if she was going to breastfeed her baby),and who have a freakin' clue (yeah, Regis..it's Javier Bardem, not Xavier Bardem). Then, Billy Crystal would be the Oscar host (because really, he's funny) and the show would be more like the Golden Globes...a big party. Sure, keep the montages (at least some of them) but get rid of the stupid musical numbers. And, keep the show to 2 or 2 1/2 hours. And then....show us the after parties! That's where all the fun stuff happens anyway.

Otherwise, it's just the same old boring show year after year. Every year the producers promise us that the show is going to be "exciting!" and it never is. I don't believe them anymore.


  1. agree, they were a dud. Maybe b/c of the writers strike, but still I was bored.

    And WAY too many montage's. I was over them within the first hour.

  2. Gasp! WK, bite your tongue!

    Montages rock. The more of them the better I always say. Love them!

  3. i do like montages...but maybe not so many of them. LOL.

    i think the oscars take themselves too seriously....it should be a party. it should be fun. of course, without Gary Busey on the guest list....but you know what I mean. :)