What I really want....

As I drove to work today, looking at the very snowy landscape that is northwest Ohio, I thought: "I wish I was driving to Florida, rather than to Bowling Green."

It's been THAT kind of winter. The kind where a 2-day, 18-hour car trip with my husband and two small kids (all of whom I love dearly....) sounds better than staying here in the cold and snow for one more freakin' day. Yes, you heard it here first: I would rather listen to 18 hours of Disney movies and crying kids...it sounds so much better than say, freezing my ass off every day, watching them forecast more snow for Friday and counting down the days until the grass turns green again.

Anyone else with me on this? Florida sounds so much better than 10 below zero, don't you think?


  1. I completely agree with you. I personally don't mind the cold, but when there is wind and no snow to show for it, I'm really sad about it.

  2. I found myself actually getting mad at the snow today. It was whipping me in the face and wouldn't get off my car, and I actually got mad at SNOW! Like it was a person!! I felt crazy!!!

  3. That looks fantastic. I am over this weather.

  4. Totally. I am more sick of winter this year than I think I EVER have been. I'm so absolutely over it.

    Makes me wonder why the hell I live in Michigan.