My favorite ad from the Stupid Bowl

OK, I'll admit it...I only watch the Stupid Bowl for the ads. You know you do too.

My favorite ad from last night?

This one.

What was your favorite?

[Honorable mentions: The Coke ad w/ James Carville and Sen. Frist, the Coke ad w/ the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade balloons, and the Audi "Godfather" ad].


  1. This was one of my favorite ones as well! JT is very funny!! Didn't seem to be as many really funny ones, but they were ok!

    There was also an Etrade one played toward the end where the baby was talking and he said he bought a clown. Then he said he didn't factor in how scary the clown would be. haha! This made me laugh!

  2. oh yea! that e-trade ad was great.

    i loved it when the baby "said" he didn't know what to do with his extra coin. haha.

    and then the whole "i didn't factor in the creepiness" for the clown. hilarious!

  3. I want to comment on everyone's blogs today, but I think I just might be the only person out there that didn't watch it. I chilled in bed with Ms. Athena and read a book

  4. I love when he goes "Hey to YOU." He is so cute.

    I liked the caveman Budlight commericals. The one about the wheel cracked me up. I love that they have ICE but no methods of transportation. HAHAHAHA!

  5. nadja....i only watched the commercials. and even then, i only made it to 9:45. :)

  6. iris took: i know. i cracked up when he said "Hey to YOU." we were watching it again at work today and we were all laughing like loons.