Primaries and Paczkis

Happy Super Fat Tuesday to you all.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy at least one (if not 2 or 3) paczkis. I looooooove them! I bought a box over the weekend and they were terrible. Very dry, not so fresh. Kevin brought one home for me tonight --- so good. My favorite flavors: apple, lemon, raspberry and of course those filled with chocolate or white cream (not Bavarian cream).

And, now in 2 hours I'm going to glue myself to the TV and watch the Super Tuesday returns. I just hope my man Obama can stay in the game.....and kick Hilary's butt. :)

Toss some beads. Enjoy the rest of Super Mardi Gras.


  1. I'm devastated. I didn't eat a single Paczki. Not one. Not even a prune one.

  2. I don't like Paczki's but I had some chocolate chip cookies instead to celebrate!!

    I can't believe how close Hilary and Obama are! grrrr

  3. i know..i can't believe how close they are either.

    however, he DID win more states than her....and so i have HOPE that he can still get the nomination.

    the potential ticket that really scares me? McCain and Huckabee. THAT is a frightening thought. haha.

    So, I cannot wait til March 4 to vote for Barack...and I'm hoping that Edwards will give his delegates to Barack....that would be a nice boost for him too.