Vote early (and vote often!)

OK, so we can't really vote often...that would be illegal. But you get my drift.

I am SO EXCITED to vote this year! This will be the first time in my voting "history" that I will be voting in the primaries. I've always voted in the presidential elections - since age 18 - and I've voted in the non-presidential years too, but never in a primary. I just never felt the "urge" to do it.

Until now.

Tomorrow, I'm voting in Ohio's primary. [Yes, I do realize that the primary isn't until Tuesday....but the Board of Elections is open for early voting].

Does it have a lot to do with the candidate for whom I'm voting? Yes it does. I voted for Bill Clinton, twice. I voted for Al Gore. I voted for John Kerry. But I never felt as passionate about those votes as I do about this one. I think before I was voting for the candidate because (1) they were Democrats and (2) they weren't George Bush (1st or 2nd).

This time - I'm voting for Obama because I believe in what he has to say about what this country needs to do to change and grow. I believe he is the right candidate for my generation. And, I believe in his platform.

And so, I'm going downtown tomorrow to the BOE and casting my very first presidential primary vote.

Regardless of who you are voting for, get out there and do it - today, tomorrow, or next Tuesday.

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