I did it!

I voted today. And it felt wonderful to vote in the primary. I declared my party of choice, received that ballot and filled in the circle for Barack Obama.

That was so cool.

The line to vote (yes, there was a line) -- it was practically out the door of One Government Center. Olivia and I stood in that line for almost 45 minutes in order to vote.

And, there are so many people who want to vote early -- the BOE is open tomorrow too. Yeah, on a Sunday. From 8:30 to 1.

Wow. That is amazing.

So, you can vote early tomorrow. Or you can vote on Tuesday.

No matter who you're voting for...get out there and do it!

Happy voting! :)

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  1. I have to wait till after work to vote...but that is my first stop after work!! I am pumped!

    I love that there are so many people excited to vote.