And the hits just keep on coming....

This has been my life during the last few weeks:

- First week of February: my dad gets sick, spends 2 days in the hospital, has a stress test. All is fine. He's healthy. :)

- Second week of February: I get sick with Fifth Disease. Then, my sister spends 2 days in the hospital w/ early contractions. She gets discharged. I slowly get better.

- Third week of February: My sister gets diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and has c-section 2 weeks early. Baby is healthy. All seems well.

-Last week of February: Sister ends up back in hospital with blood clots in her lung. Spends a week there....entire family stressed and worried.

- This week: Sister is out of hospital. :).... Then, Emma gets sick on Tuesday. She's still sick. :(

Today: Waiting for the other shoe to fall (either me, Kevin or Olivia will probably get sick).

Oh, and we've also had a snow storm damn near every week since the first week of February. Another 6-10 inches is predicted for tomorrow. Seriously.

I'm not sure how much more stress/sickness/snow (Oh, the 3 S's) I can take.


  1. Hang in there! At least everyone in your family is okay. May spring come soon and bring good health with it!

  2. Stupid-ass February is gone. March is here and there are only like 15 days until spring. Preeclampsia is a drag. I had it also. My legs were the size of the great redwoods in California... seriously.