Are you a believer?

Bigfoot - real or hoax?

I don't really think there is a Bigfoot (nor do I think there are 6,000 of them. Holy crap...can you imagine?).

However, this story is a good read. (Although I find a bit of humor in the fact that this "expedition" took place in West Virginia -- of all places to find Bigfoot...W. Va would be top on my list!).


  1. I am very unsure. If there are 6,000 why is it so hard to spot one??? And where did they get that random number anyway?? Hmmmmm.

  2. yeah really...6,000 of anything -- should make it easy to find at least ONE ... if they existed.


  3. I think there are larger, unknown species of animals out there hidden in the mountains/large forest areas, but I don't really believe there are 6,000 Bigfoots (or would that be Bigfeets) out there!

    We are always watching stories on TV about this and the fact that for so long no one has found anything so large, and apparently abundant just proves to me that they do not exist.