That's NOT what I ordered

Went to lunch today with a few co-workers.

I ordered a chicken sandwich -- why....because it sounded GOOD.

They brought me a salad topped w/ the chicken breast (that was supposed to be in a bun) chopped into bite-sized pieces.

I said to the waiter - "I ordered the chicken sandwich, not a salad."

Waiter: "Oh. OK"

So 10 minutes pass ... I'm thinking that they are correcting their mistake and making me a NEW sandwich. Yeah, not so much.

Instead, the waiter brought me a bun with the bite sized pieces of chicken inside. THAT was my chicken sandwich.

I was too irritated to even say anything. I ate it and he got a crappy tip.

I hate bad service.


  1. It took them ten minutes to take chicken off a salad and onto a bun? So when is the next time you're going to that place? haha

  2. yeah ... i won't be going back there.

    it was unreal. i picked up my sandwich and all these pieces of chicken fell out of the bun.

    i was like: WTF??????????

  3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? How you kept from flipping is beyond me.

  4. You are just lucky you weren't there with me. I have the history of getting the entire table paid for and a gift certificate for more. Well .... maybe you would of liked me there!!! he he

  5. well, had i been there w/ say, my husband or my sister, i would have flipped and DEMANDED a new sandwich. however, since my boss was one of the diners with us, i figured it would not be wise to get too indignant. :)

    jill marie...yes,that would have been nice to have you there for backup! :)

  6. I can vouch for Jill. She's AMAZING! She gets it from her mother I think. My mother in law can return ANYTHING ANYWHERE.

  7. Oh that sucks. I would have been SO annoyed!

    Was it in BG, is that where you work? I can name quite a few places in BG that have customer service like that and T & I refuse to go back b/c they have constantly bad service. That is why we eat at only like 5 places in BG! :)

  8. WK: yep, it was in BG ... and i won't be going back to the diner anytime soon.

  9. I'm laughing. That was definitely clever.

    Ok, so WHERE were you?!