Oh, this is SO me

Oh yes. I am very high maintenance when it comes to
beverages. I must have a certain amount of ice in my pop
-- too many ice cubes bothers me. I also need a certain
amount of cream and sugar in my coffee. My dad always
says "why not have some coffee with your cream and sugar?"

1 comment:

  1. HAHA! Me too!

    When I drink pop (if the pop is not already ice cold)I like only 2 large ice cubes or 3 small ones. Anymore and it is too cold and will get too watery. For my water I like to fill my cup half way with ice cubes.

    I actually buy my own creamer at work b/c I only like a certain kind of creamer with my coffee.

    I don't say anything at resteraunts though b/c I know they will mess with my food if I am too picky! ;)