No "Feast" today

Well, apparently the powers that be over at Friday's Feast are too busy to give us a list of questions for this week.

So, just to appease my dear readers, I'll create a few "Feast-like" questions. My answers will be in the comments.

Appetizer: When is your next vacation?
Soup: Have you ever had mono?
Salad: Did you owe taxes this year or get a refund?
Main course: What is your favorite thing about springtime?
Dessert: Fill in the blanks: I love my ___________ because ____________.

OK..so they aren't that great, but I haven't had my first cup o' joe this morning!

Happy Friday! :)


  1. Appetizer: My next vacation is in 379 days: we're going to Disney World w/ my parents, sister + her family (10 people total).

    Soup: Yes, I had mono when I was about 18. And now, my 4 year old might have it. I find that ODD.

    Salad: We got a VERY nice refund.

    Main: Thunderstorms are nice. I love when my tulips come up too.

    Dessert: I love my kids because they do the cutest things and make me laugh. All day.

  2. Appetizer: We don't officially have our next vacation planned, although we're hoping to get out to Milwaukee to visit family at the end of August.

    Soup: No, I've never had mono.

    Salad: We got a decent refund.

    Main: My favorite part of spring is seeing the world come to life again - trees and flowers blooming, people getting out of their houses and walking/working in the yard, etc.

    Dessert: I love playing piano because it relaxes me and takes me away from everything that may be happening in my life at that time.

  3. Appetizer: When is your next vacation? Not frickin' soon enough. I'm still recovering from my last, though.

    Soup: Have you ever had mono? No. But I hear it's a great diet. Haha.

    Salad: Did you owe taxes this year or get a refund? I got a fat refund but only because, I'm sorry to say, I'm a single mom.

    Main course: What is your favorite thing about springtime? The smell.

    Dessert: Fill in the blanks: I love my son because he still loves to cuddle with me.

  4. Vacation: Who knows! We are thinking fall of 2009 to Ireland, but we have been trying to take this vacation since we got married so we are not sure.

    Mono: Nope.

    Refund: We would have got a fantastic refund had I not been unemployed for 4 months and not paying taxes. Thankfully though we broke even, so that is ok.

    Spring: The smells! I just love how everything smells in the spring.

    Fill In: I love my family because they are always there for me.

    Thanks for making one up! Very nice!

  5. Next vacation: May 7 - going to Vegas baby! Cannot wait!

    Mono: Yes, unfortunately I have had mono and I think I had it pretty bad. I got it my senior year of high school. Everyone thinks it's great because you sleep all of the time, uhh no, it's so much WORSE than catching up on sleep. It was a bad 4 weeks for me. D, you're right about the diet, I lost about 20 pounds.

    Taxes: It's amazing what kind of refund you get when you own two houses and get married in the same year!

    Favorite thing about Spring: Without a doubt, seeing my tulips sprout! (I didn't intend the double rhyme on this answer :)

    I love my engagement ring because it's unique and unlike anyone else's that I know.

    TLC, I think you did a great job with your questions today! Thanks for stepping up when Friday's Feast failed us :)

  6. Appetizer:
    I have no idea when my next vacation is going to be. Will and I have been offered a place at his uncle's place in Florida over spring break, so maybe next March?

    Nope, I've never had mono.

    I got a refund, but it's all going towards school.

    Main course:
    My favorite thing about springtime is that it's a culmination of summer and winter clothes. You can wear flip flops, jeans, a tank top, and a light jacket.

    I love my mom because she makes awesome beeferoni. hahaha, seriously however, I love my love of adventure because it opens up new worlds for me.

  7. next vacation: just finished one to FL this last week, I guess you could consider me going home to OH a vacation (in May)

    mono: no mono ever (knock on wood)

    tax refund this year: yes, i got money back, saved some paid off debt some. i'm WAITING for the other refund too.

    springtime favorite: flowers!!

    blanks: i love my dog because she is hilarious!

  8. Very nice K....way to be a smart ass and make fun of your sister on that last answer! That was like over 20 years ago!

  9. Appetizer: When is your next vacation? I have mini-vacation this week! Translation: I was out of the office.
    Soup: Have you ever had mono? Yes, when I was 28!
    Salad: Did you owe taxes this year or get a refund? NO, thank the good Lord.
    Main course: What is your favorite thing about springtime? The grass getting green.
    Dessert: Fill in the blanks: I love my blog friends because they always give me something to do!

  10. Yay for your OWN quiz!

    Next Vacation: NO idea. Probably back to Toledo (uh-huh) or Vegas. I'd like to go to Disneyland soon, too.

    Mono: No. I hear it is HORRENDOUS, though.

    Taxes: AMAZINGLY we paid nothing. YAY for being an ex-pat. Refund? Yeah right. As if.

    Favorite thing about spring: Flowers, flowers, flowers. I miss my tulips.

    I love my dog because she makes my workday SO much easier.

  11. Next Vacation: Topsail Island, NC in September. With my in-laws family (15 people total) in a beach house. We used to vacation there when I was little and my husband and I lived there for a little while.

    Mono: Nope.

    Taxes: My husband still needs to do them :0

    Springtime: Seeing green on trees again. Being outside.

    I love my husband because he is the kindest person I've ever known.

  12. (I love that you have 11 comments to this. EVERYONE looks forward to your Feast!)

  13. i LOVE it too! it's so fun to read everyone's responses. :)

    thanks everyone!!!!