Poop, poop and more poop

Before becoming a mommy, I never thought an entire conversation could revolve around poop.

Trust me .. it can.

I just spent 10 minutes talking to my sister about poop. Emma's poop to be exact.

In fact, I've been talking poop all day. I'm trying to determine if the nastiness coming forth from Emma is from teething, an ear infection, strange food, or just because she's 16 months old and poops a lot.

We've got a low grade fever (99 under the arm)...that is off and on. Runny nose. Lots of drool. Pulling at the gums (a sure sign of more teeth coming!). Oh and poop. Lots and lots of it. It's just nasty.

Daycare says she's OK, but not really herself. I'm leaning toward teething...but it could be an ear infection. We might have a trip to the doctor's this afternoon.

Oh poop.

Well, Emma has a double ear infection. Which, in case you didn't know, can cause icky poop. Add to the mix a little virus (what is causing the ear infection to begin with) and some serious teething and you have a recipe for POOP. And a cranky, irritable little girl. With a sore butt.


  1. Oh, I hope she feels better!

    Since my friends started having kids the conversations we once had have changed drastically!

  2. Ick, I hope she gets better soon! I've never had an ear infection, but I've heard that they can be terrible.

    As far as conversation goes, I'm in college. With college guys. If they aren't talking about substances coming out of one end, it's coming out of the other.

  3. sad panda...it's good to know that college guys and moms like myself all talk about the same thing! LOL. it makes a girl feel young again. hahaha.

  4. Oh, poor thing. I hope she feels better soon. And you don't have to deal with so much poop.

    (I know how the poop conversations go) :)

  5. well, poop! at least you figured out the cause and i hope Emma feels better soon.

  6. Oh my! I hope Emma's feeling better very soon!

  7. I never knew I could become so obsessed with poop until I had Athena. Her doctor laughed at me because when she was first born I inspected every single one like I was on CSI.

    Poor little bunny. I hope she feels better soon.