Friday's Feast is still on vacation....

Happy weekend all!

Sadly, Friday's Feast is still on vacation.

I was out all day yesterday and didn't have a chance to come up with my own "homemade" feast.


So, to make up for that...here's just an appetizer:

What movie are you MOST DEFINITELY going to see this summer?


What is the best summer movie of all time?


  1. 1. Indiana Jones (i don't care about the reviews...i want to make my own decision after i see it). Also, The Dark Knight.

    2. All time best summer movie? Jaws. Hands down. I'm still afraid to swim in the ocean.

  2. 1. I agree, The Dark Knight is the must see of this summer.

    2. Best summer movie? Geez... no clue. Pirates of the Caribbean was pretty huge when it came out.

  3. when i was at SATC, the new movie "Nights in Rodanthe" - a Nicholas Sparks flick - made me cry (so i'll probably go see it). there were were a few others that looked cute in the previews and i cannot remember.
    oh, i don't like scary movies, but M. Night Shamalan's (spelling?) "The Happening" looks enticingly creepy!