Six degrees...or less

You know how we always hear that there is six degrees of separation between all of us?

Yeah, it's true.

I was on Facebook a few minutes ago...looking thru the friends of a friend. And I clicked on one of our mutual friends and found someone who WORKS IN MY OFFICE. Yeah, so that would be a friend of a friend of a friend.



  1. That's always really freaky. Or when you meet someone new, and then you find out that this person is friends with your cousin. It's weird how we're all connected.

  2. Well just look how we all connected!! Friend of a friend of a friend!!!!

  3. I just saw on Facebook... one of my old friends is friends with my husband's ex-girlfriend's husband. Weird.

  4. This kind of stuff is freaky!!!

    I found out a while back that a friend I use to work with and a fellow blogger (A. from Write Here Write Now) is best friends with this girl who just happens to be friends with the guy who was Terry's best man at our wedding!


  5. Very creepy. That is some serious six-degrees up in here.
    Or, when you start to date someone to find out that you once made out with their uncle? (True story)

  6. I'm really good with faces but not names. This happens to me all the time! It is wild how close some of your co-workers or neighbors can be to you and not even know it! Networking is a crazy thing!