A homemade Feast...

For some reason there was no "Friday's Feast" posted at the Feast Web site yesterday.

So, in honor of the new 'Batman' flick, here's my superhero version:

Appetizer: Who is a better Batman - Michael Keaton or Christian Bale?

Soup: Do you prefer the "old" Tim Burton Batman flicks, or the new, darker Batman?

Salad: Who is the best villan and superhero combo?

Main course: If you could have any superhero power, what would it be?

Dessert: Do you think Heath Ledger will win an Oscar for his portrayal of 'The Joker'?

OK...admittedly not the best questions, but it's early and I'm tired! :)


  1. 1. Christian Bale

    2. the new Batman. less cartoon-y!

    3. um....i have no idea

    4. invisibility and the power to read minds. that's a good combo

    5. it's very possible.

  2. 1. Christian Bale
    2. New, darker movies.
    3. No idea either.
    4. Time travel. Like actually TRAVEL and have it take me NO time at all.
    5. Haven't seen it yet, but I'll let you know after tomorrow.

  3. 1. Christian Bale of course!

    2. The new darker movies are best

    3. I always liked Darth Vader and Luke Sywalker...but he really isn't a superhero but it is the idea of evil & good. Of course Batman and Joker is also pretty darn awesome!!

    4. hmmm, maybe something with mind power. Move things with my mind, foresee things.

    5. possibly

  4. Better Batman: no clue.

    Old or new Batman: no clue. not too familiar with either!

    Best Villan? Corella DeVille.

    Superhero power? Flying.

    Heath Ledger, Oscar-ability: perhaps.

  5. Ok..so as I channel surfed today, I realized that I forgot to add George Clooney as one of the people who portrayed Batman.

    So, if you want to compare Michael Keaton, George and Christian Bale, feel free! :)

    And I think that I'll change my answer to the best villan/superhero duo to: Batman and Joker. Yes, I loved Heath Ledger that much to change my answer based soley on his portrayal (and I haven't even seen the flick yet!).

  6. Appetizer: Michael Keaton. Hands down.

    Soup: I prefer the Tim Burton flicks.

    Salad: I'm going to think about this one.

    Main Course: This changes daily. Today I'd like to be able to read people's minds.

    Dessert: Yes, just based on what I've heard/read in the media.

    P.S. Val Kilmer played Batman too. He was between Keaton and Clooney.

  7. oh yeah...i KNEW there was another person before clooney and after keaton...but i couldn't think of who it was.

    thanks A.!