So apparently, spelling things correctly is just too difficult for some and there are EDUCATORS [and others] out there who think we should just get rid of spelling rules completely.

From TIME Magazine and CNN.com: Most teachers expect to correct their students' spelling mistakes once in a while. But Ken Smith has had enough. The senior lecturer in criminology at Bucks New University in Buckinghamshire, England, sees so many misspellings in papers submitted by first-year students that he says we'd be better off letting the perpetrators off the hook and doing away with certain spelling rules altogether.

Read full story here.

My reaction? You have got to be kidding me!

Learn how to spell, folks. Learn the English language. Learn proper grammar.

No one should get an easy "out" just because they don't know that alot is actually a lot or that Febuary is actually February.



  1. Wow. Just... wow.

    "People who have trouble with spelling are punished when it comes to applying for jobs or even filling out forms,..." Yeah, that's why it's called proofreading.

    I understand the idea behind this but I think that you can't make exceptions to stuff like this.

  2. Oh seriously that guy should lose his job. I can not STAND spelling errors.

  3. OMG! AISI it is bc of txtg ppl cnt spell. B4 txtg we had 2 spell.


  4. WK: HAHAHAHA! I both laughed at your comment and wanted to reach through the monitor and teach your proper grammar, syntax, and spelling. The LOLs are going to get to us.

  5. AISI - what does that mean in texting language?

    Awesome, WK, awesome!

  6. it means "As I See It"...but I just noticed I would have said it twice. (My 16 yr old brother is always using this stuff and I have to figure it out) and THIS is why I like to write things out!

  7. Not that I agree with getting rid of spelling rules, but at the school I taught at, students would get furious when although their content was good, they would not get an A because their grammer and spelling was atrocious. And then report you for being a "bad teacher."

  8. Spelling update:

    My mom just received a promotion at MCO even though the other 3 people had higher degrees because she was the only one without a single error on her resume. (The job includes proofing).