Slow week for blogging....

Yeah, I haven't blogged since Monday...but really, not much has been going on. Work has been uneventful. Nothing has reallly irritated me enough to blog about it (I know...stop the presses...I wasn't irritated this week! haha).

I do have one small complaint though. Let me know what you think....

I hate to say this but .... Project Runway is boring the hell out of me this season. I watched it last night and really just wanted to fast-foward to the end to see who got voted off. Man...it's just a drag (no pun intended if you saw last night's ep)....the designers are rather dull (even Letha-lovah Stella has toned it down).

Am I wrong? It's OK...you can tell me if I am.

And what's the the black bag that Heidi brings out with her on the runway at the start of every episode? What the hell is in that bag?

OK. That's all I wanted to say.

Back to work people.


  1. Yes, Project Runway sucks this season. Except for Tim Gunn and his "looks like a pterodactyl coming out of a gay Jurassic Park" comment. Classic Tim Gunn.

    The black bag is in case the winning designer decides to switch models. The rest of the designers would also have to choose new models, in the order in which their names appear on those buttons as they are pulled out of the bag.

  2. i thought that might be what the bag was for...but then 1/2 the time she never says anything about changing models.

    yes, i love tim gunn.

  3. Boring.

    This is how boring it is, my husband actually watched the drag queen episode last night because he said he could actually stand to watch it. Now that is saying something b/c he hates this show. So if he actually enjoys watching an episode the season must be bad.

    I still love Joe.

  4. oh, and I agree....it has been a slow couple weeks for me too. Just nothing much to say :(

  5. Prior to this season, nothing short of a national tragedy would have kept me away from this show. Now, I forget when it's on and would prefer to watch the Olympics and will watch my DVR'd episode whenever I get around to it. That's unheard of.

    These people are lame-o's. And their designs, lacklaster.

    Word on Fifth Avenue is that Bravo sabotaged their last season. I don't usually buy into conspiracy theories, but this one seems plausible.

    Tim Gunn is, and will always remain, fabulous.

  6. YES. I barely watched the episode and just watched the runway part at the end. Its very blah. And they people are blah. And I can't really put my finger on why that is.

    Wait. So why would Bravo sabotage them? I'm confused.

  7. QO: Because after this season PR is moving to (wait for this...) LIFETIME, television for women. No, I'm not joking. It's going to be on Lifetime. UGH. can you imagine???

    i think they did sabotage it...why else would it suddenly be SO BAD?