Again no Feast...what is going on?

So, every Friday I head over to Friday's Feast and see what the Chef has prepared. For a month there has been nothing. No feasts. I am beginning to think that the Chef was abducted by aliens. Or has really bad food poisoning.

Anyway....I am a bit swamped today with household stuff...so I won't be creating a home cooked feast for this week....

Mabye next week when I have more time.

I miss the Feasts...and hope to start creating more so you can all join in again. :)

And now, back to laundry and cleaning up after two kids. [sigh]


  1. I really miss those feasts.


    Have a great weekend, friend.

  2. I was trying to find something to pass the time so I stopped over to see if you posted a Feast. I'm sad.