What I'm doing tonight

In about 30 minutes I'm headed out to a convention 'watch party.'

Yep, a friend and I are headed to a local union hall to hang out with other democrats and watch the convention.

Honestly, I'm very excited.

I'm going to be watching history tonight -- and even though I'd rather be in Denver watching it LIVE....this is as close as I'll get.

And being with friends is so much better than watching it alone on my couch after the rest of the family has gone to bed. [Yes folks, my darling husband will not stay up and watch it with me].

Oh, and I have to add this tonight: Obama/Biden '08


  1. You are going to my husband's union hall I betcha. I think they are the ones that are hosting it.

    I LOVED Bill's speech, I don't care what anybody says about him...

  2. If I could sum up what I heard/saw tonight in one word it would be:


    Obama/Biden all the way, baby.

  3. nadja...i was at local 50. it was a good time....a lot of us sat outside in the grass and watched the speech on a huge screen on the side of the building.

    and dri: yes, i agree. INSPIRING! and he was tough when he needed to be and said all the things we needed to hear.

    it was an amazing night of history.