My apologies to Al Gore

Today I am probably contributing to global warming, so my apologies to Al Gore, the tree huggers, and the polar bears.

But it has to be done.

We are FINALLY having our 65 foot ash tree cut down. We'd like to leave it up, but it's infested with the emerald ash borer and it's dead. And quite frankly, I'd rather NOT have a HUGE dead tree come crashing through my roof on some random, windy day.

Olivia said "Good-bye tree. I love you and I will miss you" as we took some final photos of what really is our favorite tree in our yard. It's huge, and when it was healthy it provided a lot of shade. In the fall the leaves would turn a bright yellow and when they fell, the street would be a flood of yellow. I'm sure our neighbors didn't appreciate the added leaves, but that tree made for some good "jump right in!" leaf piles.

Last night Olivia also asked if we could plant another tree in its place.

I think that would be a grand idea.


  1. Sounds like you have a little environmentalist on your hands.

    That was pretty thoughtful of her.