Perhaps Mommy needs a time out?

I just described [to my sister] what I'm cooking for dinner tonight:
"I'm throwing some noodles in a pan and some sauce in a pan and darn it, they're gonna like it."

I'm tired of cooking. I hate cooking sometimes. It seems as though I'm cooking the same things all the time (except for last Friday night when I made homemade Buffalo chicken strips, a la Rachel Ray). I need a cooking time out. For about a month. Or five.

So tonight, it's a Prego spaghetti night. Noodles, sauce, garlic bread. No meat sauce, no extra mushrooms. Nada.

So much for 'mother of the year' for this time around.


  1. Go for it!

    I also get tired of cooking every day and feel like I make the same things every week, probably because I DO make the same things every week.

    I try to mix it up and have easy nights...plain old pasta and sauce and then one or two nights a week have something a little more elaborate. If my husband didn't work late 4 out of the 5 nights during the week, I know he would cook more, but then we would eat at like 9:30 at night!

  2. Oh don't give it another thought--that is a "staple" in my house :)

    How can a woman, work, shuttle kids where they need to be, get the house in order, prepare for the fresh hell of the next day AND get a gourmet meal on the table.

    Don't sweat the small stuff darlin!