Friday's Food for Thought #2 - Heroes and Devils

In honor of the can't-get-here-soon-enough presidential election and all the craziness that is leading up to it, I present you with today's Food for Thought, Presidential Style. A few questions might seem tough...but you can just call it "gotcha blogging."

Appetizer: What newspapers/magazines do you read on a regular basis?

Salad: Who was/is your favorite president? (He could be your favorite because of his policies, his legacy, whatever.)

Main course: If you were running for president, who would you choose as your running mate? Why?

Dessert: Who is your intellectual hero and who is your despicable devil? The key here is to find someone in history who you think of as an intellectual hero because of his/her beliefs, theologies, actions, etc., and then someone you find despicable for the same reasons. You don't have to give a reason - unless you so desire. (I take this question directly from my political science guru, the late Dr. Frank Henderson and his class "Intellectual Heroes/Despicable Devils". The best poli sci class I have ever taken).

I'm also adding a rule to this one - because everyone seems so bitter and angry about the presidential race, there will be NO negative campaigning on this post.

Just respect everyone's answers and feel free to comment - unless your comment is going to include calling some a moron, fool, idiot, or any variation on farm animals with our without makeup, etc.

Blue state, red state or somewhere in between...let's just all get along, OK?

All right...put on your thinkin' caps and let's talk!


  1. 1. Papers: Washington Post online, NYT online, the Blade; Magazines: Vanity Fair, Parents, Parenting, InStyle.

    2. I have 2: Abraham Lincoln and JFK

    3. My dad because he's the smartest person I know. He would be my economic expert on the ticket.

    4. Heroes: Justices Harry Blackmun, Thurgood Marshall and William Brennan; JFK
    Devils: George W. Bush, Justice Scalia

  2. 1) Newspaper/magazines:
    I don't read real papers, everything is online. Cnn, FoxNews, MSN News, washington post..a few others.

    2) Favorite President:
    George Washington, I mean you have to give mad props to the first president. He also wasn't a part of a party and didn't believe that parties should be created because of the conflict that they could cause and that they could create an idle government. hmmm I know this might seem weird but I also liked JFk and Ronald Reagan.

    3) Running Mate:
    Without a doubt Terry. Holy crap, the things he thinks and his viewpoints are nuts. I have told him he needs to blog, though some people may not like him because of his harsh and sometimes slightly radical viewpoints on topics...he really does make alot of sense.

    4)Intellectual hero & Despicable Devil?
    I don't really know on this one...I will let you know