My thoughts on Prop 8

Much has been said about the passage of Prop 8 in California, banning gay marriage.

Here's a few of my thoughts on it. (This is brief, but I could go on and on about the stupidity of Prop 8.....)

I think the voters who voted to pass Prop 8 are fools. Narrow-minded, selfish idiots and morons. The whole lot of them.

What gives them (or anyone in government for that matter) the RIGHT to tell anyone whom they can and cannot marry?

Do I think you should be allowed to marry whomever you choose? Damn right I do. That applies to gay and straight, black, white, brown - well, basically everyone -- in my book.

My question is -- why should individuals who happen to be gay be denied the right to spend the rest of their lives with the person they love? Why should that 'right' be saved only for those of us who are straight? What makes us so important? What makes us so worthy of that right? Not a damn thing.

This isn't about religion. This is about equality people. All this blather about what's right in God's eyes is a lot of hooey. Aren't we all supposed to be equal in God's eyes? So, based on that argument, shouldn't we ALL be equal when it comes to the 'right' to marry?

Who am I to say "hey, you're gay, so you can't marry the man/woman whom you love." I don't have that right. No one does.

Keith Olbermann had a great "Special Comment" the other night - watch here.

And then think about what it means to take this right away from so many people. Think about how YOU would feel if you were suddenly told that YOU couldn't marry the person whom you love.

(Thanks to Lou Clues for sharing the Olbermann link!)

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  1. Terry and I have different opinions on this....though we BOTH agree taking back what was already legal in the state is complete bullshit. I believe anyone should be allowed to get married. Terry does not like that the word "marriage" is used but does think that civil unions should be allowed that give all the same legal rights.

    I will say that I think we need to look at the bigger picture which is how few states actually do allow marriage or civil unions. I think it is ridiculous what is going on in California, but the fact that we have not spoke up more about this injustice is even MORE ridiculous.