My girls

I will be the first to admit that I don't like taking the kids to have their picture taken. In fact, I detest it. It stresses me out, makes my palms sweat. Simply put - I. Don't. Like. It.

However, my mom informed me last week that my dad had no pictures of Emma in his den. He has photos of the other 3 grandkids, but none of Emma. And he wants a photo of Emma. Stat.

And so, I made a last-minute appointment with a photographer my sister knows and I mentally prepared myself for what was sure to be a disaster.

Friday afternoon, I dressed the girls in pink and black holiday dresses. As I dressed Emma, she looked down at her dress and said "Nah-uh." I should have known that "no" was going to be her word of the afternoon.

The photo session was, as I described on my Facebook page, 'a disaster of Titanic proportions.' Emma refused to cooperate - she clung to me and to my mom as though we were forcing her to jump into a tank filled with hungry Great White sharks.

Olivia smiled. Emma cried. Olivia smiled. Emma frowned. And I resigned myself to the fact that there would be no holiday photos of the girls this year.

However, our photographer must be a miracle worker...because we have photos. And they're really cute.

Check them out here. My girls are the "Pink Christmas" post.

And now I will have current photos of my girls and all is right again with the world. At least until the spring when I attempt another photo session.


  1. Those look wonderful! It doesn't even remotely look like you were having cooperation issues!

  2. Taking the Christmas photos is the worst experience of the year. Really, whoever started that trend should be flogged. I yell more during that time than the rest of the year put together!

  3. WAY CUTE! Love them. Isn't it nice how grandparents demand photos, but they just don't realize the strees of it all? One year I took my MIL with me and after two hours of sweating and being stressed about getting the girls' outfits messed up or dirty or their hair out of place, all the while keeping them happy, she was DONE. I'm like, "see, it ain't easy!!" So, now whenever she gets photos from us, she's over-the-moon appreciative! ;)

  4. Oh, they are just adorable! I love their dresses and I agree with Ms. Bee - you would never know there were any problems!