And the hits just keep on coming....

So, the weekend started off on a not-so-stellar note (see previous post).

I had hope for a better weekend yesterday morning.

It didn't happen.

My weekend in a nutshell:

Friday - Husband's company cuts everyone's salary by 10%
Saturday - Only high point was seeing 'Twilight' again w/ my sister and one of her friends. It was all downhill after that.
Saturday night - my 81 year old grandmother is taken to the hospital and has emergency surgery to remove her large intestine and part of her small intestine. The docs tell my mom that grandma might not make it thru the surgery. She pulls through but now has months of rehab in her immediate future. She's still in ICU, but might get moved to another room on Monday.
Later Saturday night - my husband says he's feeling sick to his stomach. Oh wonderful.
Sunday morning, 6 am - husband IS sick. I send him upstairs, away from me and the girls.
Sunday afternoon, 4 pm - Olivia gets sick. It's now 8:30 p.m. as I post this, and she cannot keep anything, even liquids, in her stomach. I'm hoping this passes soon. Husband seems to be better.

And so that leaves me and Emma. I have intentionally not eaten a thing today - hoping that maybe if I have nothing in my system, there won't be anything to, well, uh...you know. Emma has been OK all day...running around, happy, eating small meals. She's asleep right now, but I am fully expecting a vomiting 2 year old by the middle of the night.

Thankfully, I don't work tomorrow. As things are going now, I expect that I will be home alone, caring for 2 sick kids and myself. Really looking forward to that.

Today I am grateful for:
1. The surgeon who operated on grandma
2. My sister's friend for taking us to Twilight for free
3. The fact that I have not yet thrown up
4. The fact that Emma is still doing OK too
5. The hope that this stomach bug is a 24 hour thing and will soon vacate the premises of my home


  1. Hey. I am really sorry about the shit storm. My next door neighbor got the same -10% bad news too. I have a lot of sympathy for you and yours, plus some money saving tips: turkey is cheaper than beef and you can potty train your kid in, like, a week. Seriously ... my thoughts are with you.

  2. thinking of your family and hoping that 1/2 of the clan stays healthy.

    (p.s. - my word verification is "feuck"!)

  3. aren't you so glad for starting the "things I'm grateful for" :) (sarcasm) But actually, maybe it is good since all this other stuff is going bad!

    Hugs to you. Hang in there. This life just downright sucks sometimes. And I just LOVE kid puke. Ugh.

  4. I am so sorry. This blows. Athena had it too and couldn't even keep water down. I swear everyone is getting this at some point.

  5. well, kevin went to work today so he's feeling better. olivia has been able to keep a cracker and sprite down...so that's good. and so far this morning, emma seems OK too. we'll see how the day progresses. :)

    thanks guys for your good wishes. :)

  6. Oh, my thoughts & prayers are with your grandma.

    I am sorry to hear about your husbands job and I hope everyone gets to feeling better.

    Hang in there :) (and if you ever need to get away and grab margaritas in BG let me know!!!)

  7. @ WK: thanks! and one of these days we WILL meet up @ El Zarape and have a margarita! :)

  8. Oh goodness! What a total mess! Sounds like it might be getting better, I hope! I think there's nothing worse than kids with a stomach virus.

  9. you are right...there is NOTHING worse than kids w/ a stomach virus.

    i would take colds/sore throats/bronchitis ANY DAY, EVERY DAY over vomit.


  10. Sorry to hear about this news. I hope you get better soon.

  11. Eww--I hope the puking passed you by!

    Twilight for free?? SCORE--and I found the cutest Twilight rings from Etsy--I didn't buy from the same lady, but found another one who made me a Bella ring and one that is an Apple that looks "bitten" Waiting for them to arrive!

    I think I need that "Be Safe" key chain--or there is one that says "Drives like a Cullen"--that is more my style.