That giant sucking sound you hear? It's the economy sucking money out of my bank account.

Everyone knows how bad the economy is right now. It sucks.

The university where I work is in the midst of a hiring freeze and they are eliminating jobs across campus. For now, my job seems to be safe. That could change at any day. I could get to work on Tuesday and be told "you're fired." And that would be that.

My husband is a purchasing manager for a company that sells steel to the auto industry. Guess who isn't buying steel lately? Yeah, the Big 3 -- who just happen to be the company's big customers. We keep waiting for something bad to happen -- and today it happened. My husband, along with all other salaried workers at the company, was informed today that his salary is being reduced by 10%.

Granted, it's not as bad as a 20% reduction - which is what was part of the rumor mill. And, he still has a job. For now. But a 10% reduction in salary is huge to our family budget. It's going to have a very negative effect on everything.

He's been looking for a new job for months (years???). He had what we thought was THE interview last month...but he didn't get the job. I keep hoping against hope that he gets another interview somewhere that will lead to THE JOB. So far, nothing.

This whole situation just SUCKS.

I'd post the 5 things I'm grateful for today, but really there's only 1. That my husband still has his job. For now.


  1. thinking of your family at this uncertain time....

  2. Sorry girl. that TOTALLY sucks. Your family will be in my prayers!!!!

  3. That's awful! I've heard of people losing their jobs, but I haven't heard of pay cuts. That's a new one to me. If that happened to us it would totally screw up our budgets. Big hugs!

  4. thanks guys...i am trying to remain 'glass half full' about this...@ least he and i both have a job...

  5. I hate this. Every week I'm freaked out that Louis is going to lose his contract at GM. Since I don't work anymore, we'd be screwed. That's why I did all that real estate con-ed and activated my license... time to work on foreclosures...