Snow and Chinese food...it must be Tuesday

What's with that post title, you ask?

Well, today is "Chinese Tuesday" at work -- you know, because it's Tuesday we order Chinese food for lunch. And...the snow part? Last year (yes, 2008)..it snowed/iced/sleeted damn near EVERY Tuesday from January through March.

And, today is Tuesday...so guess what? It is SNOWING. Of course.

I am so over winter already. Is it April yet?

And now, for the 5 that I am grateful for today:

1. My health
2. My coworker who brings me coffee and yummy muffins
3. New calendars
4. My ever-growing "to do" list -- it means I'm busy and I have a job to do!
5. Emma's new words: "bye-bye" -- said in her cute baby voice every morning when she leaves for daycare w/ her daddy and sister.


  1. I'm glad that someone else noticed the Tuesday phenomena that occured last year! And I am in total agreeance about new calendars. I absolutely love them!

  2. You have a nice coworker to bring you treats. Mine give me little more than grief and a swift kick in the pants. Kidding, of course, they're dolls, really.

  3. I NEED a new calendar badly...

    We just need to get through January... February is short, March just sounds better, and then it's April!

  4. oh i cannot wait til april...i'm going to disney world w/ my family!!!!