Does winter weather make people stupid?

Yes, in fact, I think it does. Case in point: we had a little bit of snow last night, making roads wet and a bit slick this morning. And so, what do 99% of all Toledo drivers do? Well, they drive over the speed limit on the expressway, ride my ass (seriously, a few were THISCLOSE to the back bumper of my car), and then get pissed when I choose to GO THE SPEED LIMIT! Morons, every last one of them.

Speaking of stupid people...did anyone watch "Homeland Security: USA" last night on ABC? I have to admit it...I watched. (And before you all go "what the hell? has she lost her mind?"...listen - there was nothing else to watch last night. Well, OK...The Biggest Loser was on, but I hate that show. It sets unrealistic goals and well, it irritates me.)

So anyway...I was watching this Homeland Security show last night -- and let's just put this out there first: The people trying to cross our borders are often very stupid.

The people who work the borders, TSA, etc....they rock. But, I would NOT want their jobs - it looks like constant stress, 24-7. They're keeping us safe...so two big thumbs up for them. [I will try to remember this when I'm stuck in the TSA security line on my way to Disney World in April, loaded down with 2 kids, a stroller and a diaper bag!].

But, man OH man....some of the people trying to cross our borders are just STUPID. A special kind of stupid. My favorite was the Swiss belly dancer who came to the US without a work visa and without any US dollars...to find a job as a belly dancer (because, apparently there's a huge market for belly dancers in LA?). It was almost painful to watch her segement...many things were lost in translation with that poor dear.

I doubt very much that I'll add the show to my Tivo season pass...but it might be worth watching every now and then .

And so, without further ado....today 'top 5' list:

Today I am grateful for:
1. A good (great!) review at work. They like me, they really like me.
2. Being an overly organized, type-A person.
3. That there are people willing to risk their own safety to keep us safe.
4. The fact that it's Wednesday.
5. Twilight.


  1. I am grateful for your reference to The Mask!

  2. ooo--#5!!!

    Did you hear?? The DVD releases March 21st!!!

  3. i know...i heard that very good news!!! i'm very excited! :)