Snow days, pop stars and a lot of babies

I'm feeling a bit irritable today. I'm in a mood...and it could be because I have PMS and would like to eat a whole lotta chocolate right now.

Or it could be because I'm at work (you know, the job that I'm not really needed for anymore), MAKING UP my hours from Wednesday - when we got 10.9 inches of snow and the entire freaking campus was closed until 5 p.m. and so I wasn't really able to come to work (even if I had wanted to risk life and limb to drive 40 miles in a snowstorm).

Yeah, apparently all the "real" employees were able to NOT show up for work and still get paid. Not me. I have to make up the hours. Except now HR says that "no determination on policy has been made" and I should just mark "snow day" on my montly time report and it would be figured out later. Exactly when "later" might be....since I'm only here 'til June....no one knows.

So, other than those 2 minor irritations (and the fact that I currently smell SMOKE in the building...I'll get to that later, I hope)...there are a couple other things irking me today.

1. Jessica Simpson's "weight gain." OK, Jess honey...those high-waist jeans are horrendous. Please don't EVER wear them again. EVER. But really....I take issue w/ the media here. The girl is NOT fat. [and if she is, I'd like to be 'fat' like Jessica. really, i would]. She's probably a size 8 (lucky her!). So stop with the "Jessica balloons to a monster size has-been pop star" stories. Please. You're giving little girls (and grown women) everywhere a freaking complex.

Shut up already about the weight thing. I will say it again. I would LOVE to be FAT like Jessica Simpson.

2. The woman in California who just had 8 babies. At first blush, my thoughts were this: hmm..I wonder if she'll get her own show on TLC too, now that the Gosselins are beyond annoying and should be removed immediately before anyone is harmed. But after seeing the news today that (1) she already had SIX KIDS before she (inexplicably) went to a fertility doctor and had EIGHT embryos implanted and (2) she's a 30 year old single mom who lives AT HOME with her parents and SIX kids in a three bedroom house...well, let's just say I'm a bit irritated.

Here's the thing: Her six kids range in age from 2 to 7 years old. So, essentially she's been popping out kids every year for the past 7 years. I'm not saying there's anything WRONG with that...(she's crazy!)but I am just wondering (out loud) why she felt it was necessary to have another (8) kid(s) when she's living AT HOME with her parents and, according to all reports, has no other support system (read: husband, boyfriend, baby daddy, etc.). WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU DO THAT?

Perhaps I'm just being a bitch.

But it just seems CRAZY to me. How in the world is she going to care for 14 kids (8 of whom are preemie babies who will need constant medical care in the hospital for the next 2 months or so...)???? And, they said her dad (the kids' grandpa) is leaving to go back to Iraq as a contractor so he can earn more money to help raise the kids.

How in the world is this woman going to raise 14 kids on her own? I only have two kids and am struggling to keep our budget in check -- and my husband and I still have two jobs between us. [Until June 30 when I will be unemployed. But you knew that]. I would just like to know what she was thinking when she said "gosh, I'm a single mom with 6 kids living with my parents so far...I think I want to have just one more!"

Go ahead...tell me I'm being mean, heartless, judgmental...or whatever other name you'd like to call me in the comments.

I'll extend my congrats to the new mom.
I just think she's crazy.

(Oh, and the burning smell? Yeah...no, it wasn't the gates of hell opening up to swallow me whole for questioning this new mom and her 14 kids. It was burning popcorn. The. Worst. Smell. In. The. World. Well, almost the worst smell.)


  1. First, HUG....it sounds like you need one. How frustrating that you have to go in to make up a snow day - seriously, idiots. Again, I would be like suck it. Oh, and on a side note I spent the two months after I found out I lost my job but still had to come into work looking for jobs, updating my resume and watching TV shows online. I felt I deserved that.

    As for Jessica Simpson, you are SO right. It is disgusting to see people criticize her for being an actual NORMAL weight. Good for her. She looks healthy and must obviously be at a happy place in her life. And if she is a 4, 8 or 16....it really is NO ONES business - whether you are in Hollywood or not.

    As for the lady with the kids I think it is 100% ridiculous. No way a single mom living at her parents with 6 other kids should think that any part of that idea to have even ONE more kid is smart. Stupid, just stupid.

    I hope you have a good weekend.

  2. WK: we really need to go grab margaritas one of these days! :)

    thanks for the hug....it's been one of those weeks (months? year so far?)

    you have a good weekend too!

  3. W.K. & TLC - I WISH I could grab margaritas with you both.

    First off, TLC - this post made me smile. Not in a condescending type of way, more so in a sometimes-everything-in-the-world-is so-annoying-way. I hear you.

    Secondly, you're right: Jessica Simpson is a beautiful girl. Her weight gain is about as relevant as knowing that the president removed a fuzzy from his sweater this morning. Big deal. However, those high-waisted pants aren't doing ANYTHING for her. (Agreed.)

    Finally, the California woman - I'm nodding along with all of your points. Clearly, she has a mental health issue. Have you read that her own mom called her out and said that she has been obsessed with having children since she was a teenager?

    I cannot WAIT to see how it all unravels; specifically how she was implanted with all of those embryos. I cannot imagine that any fertility specialist worth their salt would implant that many embryos (when the "guidelines" suggest implanting between 2-4, depending on the age of the patient) in a woman who already has six children under the age of 7.


    Hope you're doing ok.

    And, I'd like to know how the "snow day" pay gets worked out. Please update.

  4. Jess--I WISH I too was only THAT fat.

    Crazy Momma--nut case!

    Snow Day--I hate being a responsible worker bee

    Smell--wait until your co-worker burns a Pita Bread in the microwave--you will know TRUE horror at that smell--I'll take burnt popcorn anyday!

    Make my Margarita a Raspberry one from El Zarape!!

  5. Yes, Hug, margarita, and I also wish I was 135 lb porker like Jess. Sheesh.