Waffles? Pancakes? Why not both!?!

This is seriously the coolest kitchen gadget ever!
Introducing the Nordic Ware Waffle Pancake Pan!
It makes pancakes that LOOK like waffles!
Yours for only $39.95 @ Williams-Sonoma!

UPDATE 3/8/09:
I purchased this yesterday, along w/ the
WS pancake mix. The pan is relatively easy to use,
and the pancakes cook quickly. A few things to note:
they only look like waffles on one side, really. After
flipping the "paffles" (I just made that up!), the other
side doesn't really have the indentations. But they
are still really cute. And tasty. I only had one "mishap"
with the first pancake I tried to flip. :)


  1. This is amazing. I agree. Brilliant!

  2. Fun! I am pleasantly surprised at the price too, especially from WS.

  3. I have been craving this item that i've never tasted for over 5 hours now.

  4. Oh yeah--AWESOME! Me wants!

    I also think that little burger press/maker/cooker thing that Billy Mays pimps on TV looks kinda cool, but I'll wait until it shows up at Kohls and get it at one of their crazy sales. (Why is it that all the "as seen on TV" stuff ends up at Kohls??)