In case you were wondering, Big Brother IS watching...

Perhaps this isn't news to anyone else, but I found this Web site today and was surprised at how much information it gave me.

It's called Pipl (prounced 'people'). You can use it to search for anyone.

I searched my name...holy crap, Batman...there's a lot of stuff out there. It listed my Facebook page, my MySpace page, anytime my name was mentioned in a local blog or newspaper. So yeah, pretty much EVERYTHING is out there.

Go here.

Sites like these are why I couldn't quite understand all the hubbub about the whole TOS changes at Facebook. There isn't much about us that is "private" anymore -- the Internet has made certain of that. People, your names are all over the Web. Don't believe me? Google yourself. You'll see. Hell, I can Google my maiden name and still find the articles I wrote as a reporter 15 years ago.

And here's an interesting tidbit: I only found this Web site because one of my coworkers was telling me that her husband's company uses it to search potential job candidates. Yeah. Just one more reason why your Facebook page settings should be set to PRIVATE. Because even though Pipl listed my FB page, it was listed as private and one has to 'friend' me in order to see it.

Big Brother is watching friends....but I don't know that there's much we can do about it.


  1. Great, now it's obvious to the world that I'm obsessed with Twilight. Haha! I had used my full name for my TwitterMoms account. That was stupid! Although, I already knew that my name came up in association with it because I've googled myself. I'm found on the web a lot because of my job.

  2. I was on there stalking for a loooooooooooong time...

  3. uh... yeah... i'm so NOT okay with the ENTIRE WORLD seeing my wish list on my own "personal" amazon account so i promptly deleted EVERYTHING that was appalling. and honestly, my wish list was NOT that bad, it was just creepy to think someone could see that.
    i agree... FB can do whatever the heck they want at this point. they will not be the reason that people access my "personal" info and it's my responsibility to control the info. as much as i can.