Why is this necessary?

So, the Academy Awards are Sunday night. Ah, the Oscars...the dresses, the red carpet, the swag suites and gifting lounges.

What's that? Never heard of a swag suite? Well, let's review: Swag suites are rooms, sponsored by various companies, filled to the gills with expensive gifts...all for the taking, all free. Freebies for the one group of people who don't need anything handed to them.

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So, in the midst of the worst job loss numbers in 34 years, an economy that keeps failing, and whatever other fresh economic hell awaits us tomorrow or the next day....Hollywood is once again spoiling itself.

I'm irritated by it all. I've never understood why celebrities need to be given expensive gifts. Basically they just walk into one of these suites and they can grab anything their little hearts desire. Trips, phones, jewelry, bags. All FREE.

You have to wonder if these celebs even have the slightest sense of guilt or "gosh, I feel so blessed to have all of this" when they're in these gifting lounges.

You also have to wonder why no one has said 'enough!' and decided that maybe instead of 'taking', these celebs should consider 'giving.'

Yeah, that's right. I said giving. Instead of swag suites, why not have charity suites -- where celebs can raise money for charities of their choice and help out those who are less fortunate. Instead of just giving this crap away, why not have silent auctions for the swag? And then give all that money to charity?

I'm just sayin'....instead of helping themselves, perhaps the celebs should be helping out the less fortunate. That would make a much better story.


  1. This does seem wrong. I especially hate it when they refuse to talk to the media. Uh, hello, you are famous because of the media.

  2. Here's why they have the swag suites.

    To manipulate celebrities to endorse their products in the hopes that consumers purchase their products and in effect stimulate the economy.

    As one of the Real Housewives of New York recently said, "We all just need to go out to dinner."

    (In order to fix the economy.)

    Hee hee.

    I love La La Land.

  3. I agree--the companies hope we all say--hey--Star-Schmo has that same purse--I mUST have it!

    Blech--how about--hey! Star-Schmo can afford groceries--gee wish I could!!!

    Anyway--I am excited that R-Patz is going to be a presenter--I sure hope he takes a bath first--or gets a handler to hose him down--hmmm...now that's a job I would gladly do....Lurker goes off to fantasize about that for a minute

  4. @ Lurker Girl: i know...i am SO EXCITED that "Edward"...i mean, R-Patz is going to be @ the oscars. and yes, i too hope he showers and shaves. ugh. i saw a photo of him yesterday and he had a joaquin phoneix style beard...so nasty.

  5. Give it away -- I like it