All right...I will freely admit that since last fall I have had a (huge?) obsession with all things Twilight. I've read the book series a few times, seen the movie 4 times at the theater, have both soundtracks on my iPod, visit several Twilight-themed blogs and Web sites daily, and am a proud owner of the "Pocket Edward".

And so...today was THE day. March 21...the release date of the Twilight DVD. Never in my life have I: (1) been so excited about a DVD, (2) arrived at a store BEFORE it opened in order to get a copy of said DVD, and (3) wanted to lock myself away in a quiet room so I could watch all 3 discs tonight. Alone.

That being said...these are just a few of the crazy things I've done in the past 24 hours that are related to Twilight:

1. Went with my sister to buy decorations for our Twilight viewing party -- decorations include: plastic red apples, a "red carpet" for our guest to walk, a director's clapboard, movie themed decorations, and red and black M&Ms.

2. Attended the local Border's Twilight Midnight release party...if only for about 20 minutes. We came, we saw, we were surrounded by too many crazy girls and so we left. I will state for the record however, that we were NOT the oldest people in the crowd. Yes, there were many teens in attendance, but also a good number of 30-somethings...all grabbing lots of Twilight related things to purchase. I was thisclose to buying a very cool Twilight tote bag...but couldn't bring myself to pay $25 for it.

3. And this morning, at 7:45 a.m., I arrived at my local Target store and sat in the car w/ my sister and her friend Shannon until 7:58 a.m. when all the other women who were waiting in their cars started descending on the front doors of Target. About 20 crazy Twilighters stood outside the doors (annoyed Target employee: "If you stand in front of the doors they will NOT open. Back up!") and when the doors were opened we quickly made our way to the DVD/Blue-ray display (Target employee: "It's at Aisle 15"). [I would like to add that I did NOT run...I walked calmly and left the running to the tweens....].

So there you have it...the crazy things I will do for my Twilight obsession. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go download the movie to my iPod.

Oh. My. Edward.


  1. Happy Twilight DVD Release Day! I haven't watched a PEEP of it, and it's driving me crazy! My DH went to Target this morning for me. He was the ONLY male in the line. He was excited about the digital download stuff, and now has them on his Ipod (and watched them!)

    Now, you do realize that I have only seen the movie ONCE, so I do have a fear that when I *finally* do see it tonight, that I am going to "litrally" explode!!

  2. i know, i'd like to be watching it now...but our tv w/ the DVD player is currently being used by the kids (can't miss "Suite Life on Deck". ugh).

    oh..i can't wait to hear your thoughts on seeing it for a 2nd time... :)

    happy viewing!!!!

  3. I hadn't realized you were obsessed with the Twilight series. I mean, I heard you mention it here or there, but I thought you kept your interest very low key. ;)

    Seriously though, glad you got your DVD and what a fun little party! I have not seen this yet, I may have to catch it soon.

  4. OMG--I was so excited to get my copy!!! And what the hell is a "Pocket Edward"? Cause I WANT ONE!!

    I am a "Twilighters Anonymous" website girl myself!!!

    I think we need rehab!

  5. @ Lurker Girl: a "pocket Edward" is an Edward Cullen action figure. you can get him @ Border's for $19.99. :)

  6. @TLC Thanks--I was having all kinds of "nasty" thoughts about what a "pocket Edward" could be--haha! Oh yeah--I've just officially become a dirty old woman!