Olivia's take on Twilight

Olivia drew Bella under a rainbow in a field..

And then Edward, in a field...and he is sparkling!

And finally, she wanted to tape them together!

This is how these pictures happened. Olivia wanted to draw a rainbow and then she said "I'm going to make this a Twilight rainbow because you love Twilight." She asked the names of the girl and the boy in the movie and then she said "what color should they be?" I told her Edward would sparkle in the sun and that Bella had brown hair. The pictures you see are her versions of a sparkly Edward (colored with a silver crayon, because it was sparkly) and his Bella.


  1. Great pictures Olivia!!!

    too cute!!! I think the rainbow is a perfect addition and I too would have totally gone with the silver crayon to draw Edward.

  2. she was so serious when creating these pics too.

    'what color hair does bella have?'
    'what color should i use for Edward's hair?'

    and then she made up this story about how they were both singing to each other because they were in love and bella missed edward and he was sad because she wasn't near him.

    she's just a wee bit creative. :)