Party like a vampire!

Ready to party!

Pocket Edward found comfort in a
bowl of just popped popcorn!

P.E. is ready for his close up!

Oh! Twizzlers!

Yes, it's true....my sister and I threw a 'Twilight' viewing party last night. It was a small party...just us and few other Twilight OBSESSED women. Oh, and Pocket Edward was there too. The menu was vegetarian lasagna, garlic bread, mozzarella "bites", red velvet cupcakes. And of course, popcorn and movie candy. Oh...and lots of booze!


  1. I prefer red vines myself...but cool party! Looks like fun!

  2. Just curious...but did you pay $200 for the Edward doll. I saw how much those were going for...yikes!

  3. um no...i paid $20 @ borders for it. as much as i love all things Edward Cullen...i wouldn't pay $200 for him! haha.

  4. phew! cuz I saw that other figure, and it is really cool right down to his shoes but not for $200!

  5. $200 for the Purse Edward?! (that's my new name for him) That's insane! I got mine for $17!

    What an awesome party - looks like you girls had a ton of fun!

  6. So cute! love the twizzlers pic! nice touch!

  7. So I finally watched this movie this weekend. I enjoyed it.... BUT I wanted to ask you what the obsession everyone has (really.... not making fun... just wondered)? Is it because Edward is hot? Or that its an excellent movie? Or both? Or something else?

    I love that you guys had a party. How fun!!! Women need to do this more often!!!!

  8. @ Quiet Oasis:

    Well...here's my take on it.

    I read the books first (all 4 of them) in a matter of 2 weeks. I was in love with the story and the characters and the romance of it all...

    ...and then when I finally saw those characters and their stories brought to life, it just made it that much better. [and it doesn't hurt that Rob Pattinson is the PERFECT Edward Cullen].

    I've read the books a few more times..and each time I feel differently about the story.

    And yes...it's great to get together w/ a group of women who are equally as obsessed with the story/Edward and let loose! Our group is already planning our "New Moon" party for next year's DVD release! :)

  9. Yeah, I didn't even realize this movie was based on a book. Maybe I'll have to give it a read..... Thanks for filling me in on the obsession. :) I just felt like i needed clued in to what the deal was!!

  10. OMG--that looks like you had so much fun! Gotta get me a pocket Edward.

    I have "turned" others to the Twilight side in my "hood" and I think we must have a New Moon Party.

    Maybe we should start our own NorthWest Ohio Chapter of Twilighters Anonymous--because if my hubby sees me reading the books for the millionth time, he is going to send me to rehab. (Can I go to Rob-hab instead?)

    Oh--Amy Winehouse is running thru my head right now.

  11. @ Lurker Girl: i know what you mean...my husband just rolls his eyes now when he sees me reading Twilight (again! for like the 8th or 9th time already). haha. my sis and i have already decided that our "New Moon" dvd-viewing party is going to be a 'Bella's Birthday Party' (minus the whole paper cut Jasper incident! haha).