Did you watch?

Let me admit this first: I used to watch Jon & Kate + 8....when it was actually somewhat entertaining. I even Tivo'd it for a time.

Then it became annoying. And fake. And Kate turned into Superbitch. So I took it off the Tivo schedule and stopped watching.

When the show first started it seemed to be about a real family dealing with real issues and struggling to make it all work. Now, it has turned into a show about a ''tv created' family dealing with the tabloids and struggling to get as many freebies and product placements as possible. It's not reality TV anymore...it's just crap.

That being said, I (like 7 million other people out there) tuned in to Monday's "Season 5" premiere.

What a train wreck.

Here are a few thoughts:

- in the 'flashbacks' Kate actually looked like your normal mom - frazzled, hair not quite done, dressed in a T-shirt and shorts to run errands .... this was when the show was more about the kids than Kate...but....

- ...flash foward to the present day and her trip to the party store: hair perfectly styled, designer high heeled boots paired with jeans and a cute top and coat. I'm sorry...but are you freakin' kidding me? What mom gets dressed like THAT to go to the party store with 8 kids in tow? I'll tell you who....the mom who KNOWS the paparazzi will be there and she wants to be sure that the next cover of US Weekly has a good photo of her! Gah. She's a horrible disgusting person.

- I don't feel any sympathy for Kate. She tried (very hard) to put on this air of being funny and witty and friendly and it all felt forced and fake. The whole laughing-at-the-bugs part was so contrived. No one who is that big of a control freak would laugh at swarms of bugs crashing her kids' party. Please. And she tries to put on this air of "oh poor me"...well, girlfriend, you brought this upon yourself. You are a shrew. You treat your husband as if he's the 9th child. And all this 'boo hoo why is the media picking on me' crap is just that - CRAP.

- Those poor kids. They are the only victims in this whole train wreck.

If Jon & Kate had any compassion they would stop this charade now and kick out the cameras and focus on fixing their family (if it can even be fixed -- it might be totally beyond repair).


  1. I accidentally watched the whole show on Monday night - didn't plan on it, but then I couldn't stop watching it. I agree, it was absolutely horrible. She is just awful now. But the sad thing is, is that they CAN'T stop the show. If they stopped the show then they'd stop getting free money and free things, and they'd have to give up their million dollar house. Neither one of them is working, and would they even be able to find real jobs? That's the part that scares me the most - whether they self-desctruct by themselves and the show can't go on, or TLC pulls the plug, then what? What happens to all of the kids?

    Did you see the car that Jon was driving?! And I'm shocked that Kate is still driving that van. I would have thought that by now she was ABOVE driving herself and would be demanding a limo for her brood!

  2. I also HAD to tune in (and like you, never really watched but a few episodes here or there). Yes, the old Kate would never have laughed at those bugs. She wasn't quite acting like herself.

    I did hear them say in an interview they HAD to go on w/ the show for their kids financially.

    The whole thing is just a big, sorry "Wow." They've messed up their lives royally. And I think they know it. I knew her husband wouldn't stick around for long w/ that crazy woman.....

  3. I watched the show, too, and I agree with what you said. The whole time you could tell that Jon was just completely burnt out and frustrated. I thought it was funny that Jon made those little jabs at Kate: "I can't write. Some say I can't talk... or breathe right either."

    I'm sorry if I step on some toes here, but this is how I feel: I am annoyed by Kate because she acts as if she is entitled to something. Yes, you birthed eight children and that is about six more that I could possibly do. But that haircut, those clothes, that house are the benefits of her children. Does she not realize that without them, she would be an absolute no one? She acted like a martyr and the innocent victim throughout the show, but she wasn't. Ugh, she is an annoyance.

  4. i agree...kate does act as though she is entitled to all these things. well, she's not. and she'll never give up the show because it IS her money maker.

    and yeah...i saw jon's new car. WTF? a dad w/ 8 kids does NOT have that kind of car.

    they are just sick, sick people and i feel for those poor kids.

  5. I had to watch as well. I feel invested. And I have such mixed feelings.

    It's well documented that Kate is a shrew. I don't agree with how she chooses to talk to her husband and essentially exploit the kids and her life. But after watching this episode, it's clear to me that they are both at fault for their relationship issues.

    He is unable to communicate his feelings. He came across so immature and inarticulate. Which is why he allegedly cheated. He wasn't able to stand up for himself against her and tell her how she makes him feel. Instead he took the easy way out. Allegedly. (I really don't he think he did cheat.) In any event, no one deserves to be cheated on. Period.

    Yeah, a 2-seater car when you have 8 kids? Clearly he's moving on to more of a bachelor lifestyle. That floored me. And don't be buying a luxury sports car and then complain about fame. Doesn't work that way.

    I couldn't help but be reminded of their trip to Hawaii last season when they renewed their vows. They said it was their way of telling their kids that they would be together forever. How sad.

    That moment where Jon and Alexis were talking at the birthday party and they hugged and she told him that she didn't want him to leave anymore was heartbreaking.

    And it was so sweet (and sad) how Mady and Cara have stepped up to help around the house. They totally know what's going on.

    Jon and Kate both just looked so sad and defeated. I know they brought it on themselves by doing the show, but it's not enjoyable watching a marriage crumble. I just felt so uncomfortable watching it. And unfortunately I think this marriage is over. Although, I would like to see them rise above the media shitstorm and stop doing the show. Those adorable, precious kids deserve a healthy childhood.

    I just hope they go on Oprah once a year so I can see what they look like as they age :)

  6. Mickey D - yeah, i don't think he really cheated either. but i do think he's trying to be a bachelor again..which is why he was out in his new fancy car @ 3 am w/ some 23 year old floozie.

    i thought about their vow renewal too and am left wondering if it was all staged for the show - sort of like "let's do this even though we know it's a sham because it's a free trip to hawaii and the producers think it's a good idea".

    based on what has been going on for (as kate said herself) at least 6 months, you have to wonder if it was all staged.

    i just don't see how TLC (the network, not me!) can continue doing this show if jon and kate break up/divorce. THAT would be so uncomfortable to watch. i mean even the kids look sad. it's just not a good situation for anyone involved.