Overdrafts and rejection letters...oh, so it's one of "those" days?

Today has been less than stellar, let me tell ya.

Long story short #1: We closed on the refi of our house last Wednesday and paid the closing costs - which included our May mortgage payment - on Friday. This meant that the automatic withdrawl of funds that normally occurs each month at mortgage payment time was NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. Well, fast forward to today when I saw that our checking account was overdrafted nearly $900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently the bill payer company (who I will name: BillPayer2000) didn't get or pay attention to the memo from our bank that the mortgage had already been paid, so keep your grubby little hands off their money this month, thank you. In A TOTAL STATE OF PANIC I e-mailed the mortgage guy who assured me that he had (1) called BillPayer and told them to PUT THE MONEY BACK IN MY ACCOUNT. STAT. , and (2) would then put the $826.77 overdraft "protection" back into my savings account from whence it was removed last night to "protect" my checking account.

Long story short #2: I got a rejection letter today. While it was somewhat expected, it still sucks. My favorite line in the rather short letter is this: "After careful consideration, we have decided that, while you have much to offer an employer, your strengths are not a close enough match to our current need." [And yes, it DID have that many commas in it]. I have this to say: Really? Are you serious? My "strengths" aren't a close enough match to your current need? Did those needs change from the time you saw those strengths and brought me in for an interview? Because I'm guessing that at that point in time, my "strengths" must have matched your needs just a little bit, or you wouldn't have called me.

In all honesty, this was one of "those" interviews, where you walk out thinking "what the hell was that?" The interviewer (who would have been my boss had I matched their needs) had only been on the job for SIX WEEKS when she was conducting these interviews. They had NINE people coming in for 1st interviews (WTF?). She didn't ask many relevant questions about my background, experience, etc. And when I gave her my portfolio .... well, she glanced at it for about 2 minutes and then HANDED IT BACK TO ME. No see, when you are handed a portfolio, you're supposed to KEEP IT so that you can really review it. Whatev.

And that, my friends, is my day in a nutshell.


  1. Doesn't sound like the greatest boss in the world, so it might be a blessing you didn't "meet" their needs.

    Weird interview.

  2. I hate interviews like that, where afterwards you are feel like "WTF did you call me for??" I had a similar weird interview at a company that designs and manufactures car decals. Like, the ones in the shapes of lightening bolts and deer and barbed wire, which I did not know in advance of arriving there. They later told me that I "didn't have enough of the right kind of experience" for the position. What the hell does that mean?! Thank god they didn't offer me a job I was pretty desperate.

  3. Ok, it is more then a week late, but how frustrating. Hopefully your bank quickly fixed the problem and any overdraft fees that may have happened.

    As for the interview, I feel you. When I was unemployed I had the lamest interview ever. The questions were vague and didn't address the talent I would be bringing to the company. I felt like they just had to meet a quota of interviews and I was one of those people who just filled their numbers. blech

    I really do feel you on this, as I was in your place 2 years ago. I lost my job, my husband got a drastic pay cut and we just felt completly screwed. I know it is hard to look at anything positive or to think everything will work out, but it will. Try to keep your head up. If you need anything let me know :)

  4. yes, thankfully my bank fixed everything. and then on saturday we got a 'delinquent mortgage notice' in the mail. i was PISSED!!!!! our mortgage broker said it was a 'computer generated' letter and to just disregard it.

    i cannot understand how a bank cannot know what is going on with their own mortgages! gah!!!

    @ WK: thanks! maybe we'll do margaritas @ el z's one of these days? :)